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Hannes Grassegger - Economist

Hannes Grassegger Photo: Felix Grisebach

Contact: hns.grassegger(())gmail.com
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Twitter: @HNSGR
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Hannes Grassegger - Journalist und Economist.

I'm a Reporter: Some know me as the guy who brought them the story of Cambridge Analytica. Others remember my work on how Facebook censors its platform. But I have been writing about that sort of thing for some years now. My basic question has always been the same: How does networked technology change the way we live? That's what most of my work is about. I am a reporter for href="http://hannesgrassegger.twoday.net/topics/Das+Magazin/">DAS MAGAZIN (Switzerland) and REPORTAGEN magazine. In the remaining time I write long-form and opinion pieces on digitalization for mainstream media. My texts have been published in The New Republic, Pro Publica, The Guardian, VICE, Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, Das Magazin (CH), ZEIT Magazin, NZZ am Sonntag, Spiegel Online and Financial Times Germany amongst others. Translations have been published by Motherboard, Salon, Internazionale (Italy), XXI (France) amongst others. I have worked from China to Ivory Coast on issues that I find interesting. For requests contact me via gmail.

My Book: My book «Das Kapital bin ich» came out in July 2014. It is an essay about how we could make a living from our personal data – instead of fearing surveillance. You can buy it here or at your local book store. Here you can find a collection of reviews.

On Stage: People book me as a speaker, host or for panel discussions. And I am happy to come. Here you can find my upcoming events. Requests via hns.grassegger(())gmail.com

As an Editor: I have served as an editor and staff writer with REPORTAGEN magazine, the first and foremost literary longform magazine in the german speaking area. Before that I have edited tons of articles for Tages-Anzeiger, Die Südostschweiz and Fabrikzeitung.

Background: I graduated in economics at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin (B.A.) and University of Zürich (M.A.). I have given lectures on economics at the Universities of Cambridge (CRASSH) and Newcastle.

Awards & Scholarships: Fellow at the Wilson Center Washington D.C. (2018), Helmut-Schmidt Preis (2017), Deutscher Journalistenpreis (2017), Hermann-Schulze-Delitzsch Preis (2017), Denkraum-Stipendium des Literaturhaus Zürich (2017), Zürcher Journalistenpreis (2016), Dr. Georg Schreiber Preis (2012), Kiwanis Landespreis (1999).

Press Pictures: Available here

"Von Schafen profitiert der Hirte."

Key Words:

Investigativ, Ökonomie, R.Stevie Moore, Miranda July, Salton Sea, James Ferraro, Gee Vaucher, The Arm, Mischkassette, Arthur Russell, Liberalismus, Klimawandel, Bill Drummond, Grundeinkommen, Afrikan Boy, The KLF, Bio Lebensmittel, Vinyl, Erik Spiekermann, Fair Trade, Fairtrade, Textilzertifikat, Produktlabel, Dead Moon, Kraftwerk, Pierced Arrows, Staatliche Forschung über Protestbewegungen, Sustainability, Squat, Harald Welzer, Utopia, Stimme des Volkes, Leak, Enthüllung, Blowfly, Fashion aus Dakar, Vice Magazine, Kinki Magazine, Jimmy Edgar, Sachbuch Hep Verlag, Biobaumwolle, Kopenhagen Klimakonferenz, Sissikontest, Joseph Siglitz, Gary Hustwit, Helvetica, Green Jobs, BCI, Helvetas, Bitnik Kollektiv, Dan Graham und Fischli/Weiss, Zürcher Kunstszene, Lush, Wikileaks, Anonymous, 4chan, Sébastian Tellier, Zürcher Hausbesetzer, Myspace, Glaubenskrampf, Andrew Bird, DJ Mehdi, Tobias Noelles Film "René", Perla Mode, Afrikan Boy, A.C. Kupper, Esther Eppstein, Moral als Ware, Graffiti-Hippies, Raphistory, Jeffrey Lewis, Zai, Ski, Grünliberal, Martin Bäuumle, Verena Diener, Simon Jacomet, Atelier Zürich-Leimbach, Silk Flowers, Loretta, Global Value Chains, David Carson, Proces Prag, Ismael Lo, DJ Mehdi, Rocket Freudental, Ideengeschichte, The MGMT, Kuki, Multinationale Unternehmungen zwischen 1900-1960, Berlin, Fair Trade, Kraftwerk, Autobahn; DRS 3, Last.fm, Migros Kulturbüro, YouTube, Asyltourismus, Grünliberal, ETH, Äthiopien, SUDU, Jugendgewalt, Boxerei




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