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So I had this trove of secret Facebook documents. Basically their rules of what you are allowed to see when on Facebook. My colleague Till Krause and me published two stories on the subject starting in late 2016. German law was changed through this. There is a clause now demanding transparency over the facebook censors' working conditions. It changed their job, and hopefully for the better.

But Facebook itself didn't seem to really listen to us writing in German, even if it came out in Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazine. So I reached out to Julia Angwin, one of the finest reporters in the digital space. We met in Zürich and on we went...

Here is the full report.

Some weeks after the publication something strange happened. Not only had Facebook started to publish lengthy explanations of their secret censorship rules, also they changed their laws. Black kids now get special protection from Facebook. Thanks to Julia, Stephen, Georg, and Christian – and thanks to those hundreds of thousands of readers pushing the story globally making it having an impact.



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