Interview for the Australian Television


Apparently there is a great german speaking TV show on the Australian TV Station SBS (imagine a high-quality, multi-lingual NPR for TV). And somehow their german speaking host Oliver Heuthe must have stumbled across my articles in REPORTAGEN and SPIEGEL Online about the mining sector. So, he decided to do an interview with me about my perspectives on the mining boom and the two-speed economy. (Link).

I was wondering why an Australian should interview a German reporter about Australia. Even though I had spent some weeks in Australia and did a lot of research I would never expect that I could be able to contribute anything to the Australian discussion on the subject.

Somehow I guess, an outsiders perspective can be useful if not necessary sometimes. Maybe this is the basic journalistic mission: look at each issue like you are all new to it. Considering it from scratch but with a clear mind.

PS: Hi Australia! I liked staying with you folks.



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